Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Manafort has been feeding the Trump team

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said Kevin Downing, a lawyer for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, has continued to brief the president’s legal team on his dealings with the special counsel even after Mr. Manafort pleaded guilty—an arrangement that is highly unusual.

But quite predictable if you're looking for a pardon.
“They shared with me what they thought was appropriate and what their client authorized them to tell us,” Mr. Giuliani said. Asked how often Mr. Manafort’s lawyers briefed the president’s legal team, he said: “often enough.”


In another twist, Mr. Giuliani said a member of the president’s legal team, Jay Sekulow, received a packet of court papers two weeks ago relating to [Roger Stone associate Jerome] Corsi that included [Corsi's] draft plea document. The sender was anonymous, Mr. Giuliani said.

The president’s legal team notified the Justice Department that it had received the documents, Mr. Giuliani said.


Mr. Giuliani said Mr. Mueller is subjecting Messrs. Corsi and Manafort to inordinate pressure.
I should hope so, the lying SOBs.
Mr. Mueller is keeping Mr. Manafort in solitary confinement, he said, as if he were “the head of the mafia or a terrorist bomber.”
He's absolutely mob-connected.
A more appropriate punishment for Mr. Manafort would be home detention, Mr. Giuliani said.
Yeah? He tried that. And Manafort set about trying to buy off witnesses.
Asked if the president might pardon Mr. Manafort, or potentially Mr. Corsi, Mr. Giuliani said, “Right now would not be the time.”

He added, “It’s my job as his private lawyer to tell him you should not even consider it now because it will be misunderstood. That doesn’t mean you give away your presidential prerogative to do it at the right time.
So, yes.

Again, why is Giuliani blabbing this?  They just don't care.  In fact, Sarah Kendzior has always claimed that getting away with shit and rubbing our faces in it is the fun of having power for Trump and Manafort.  Rudy, too, apparently.

 ...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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