Monday, December 3, 2018

Supervision, PLEASE!

Oh, Rudy, there's no one like you.

Wait a minute....I seem to recall something about those indictments and that timing...*
President Donald Trump gave the go-ahead to announce new Russian election-hacking indictments before his meeting with Vladimir Putin rather than after -- in the hopes it would strengthen his hand in the talks, according to accounts from people familiar with the decision.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein went to Trump last week and offered him the choice: before or after the Putin summit on Monday in Helsinki? Trump chose before, ultimately putting the issue into the spotlight just 72 hours before the high-stakes meeting, the people said.

But that's not even the best part.  As of now, when you click on the link in Rudy's tweet, this is what you get (

I'm sure Rudy didn't intend to make a link in the first place; it's a result of his failure to put a space after the period followed by a failure to notice that it created a link.  But this is hilarious.  Some quick person bought the rights to that link as soon as Rudy published his tweet and put up that page.

*Okay, I didn't recall it. Southpaw did.


Could someone please explain to Rudy that not EVERY instance of a missing space constitutes a legitimate web link?  You can't blame Twitter for this one.  And, what did Time publish?


I'm dying here.

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