Saturday, September 22, 2018

Grassley's tough talk and continuous capitulation

"The imposition of aggressive and artificial deadlines regarding the date and conditions of any hearing has created tremendous and unwarranted anxiety and stress on Dr. Ford," Katz wrote in the letter. "Your cavalier treatment of a sexual assault survivor who has been doing her best to cooperate with the Committee is completely inappropriate."


Katz wrote that she had advised the committee that Ford had traveled to meet with the FBI "for several hours" about the death threats she has been receiving.

The committee is also proposing that Ford testify before Kavanaugh, as opposed to after, as requested by Katz.


Ford's initial list of terms for her testimony before the committee, according to CBS News' Jan Crawford and Adam Verdugo, included the following:

Ford will not appear any sooner than next Thursday;
No questions to be asked at hearing by any outside counsel -- only senators;
Mark Judge must be subpoenaed;
Kavanaugh would testify first, then Ford would testify, and Kavanaugh would have no opportunity to respond or rebut;
Deadline for her to provide written statement before the hearing would be waived;
Provide adequate security;
Only one pool camera in hearing room;
Ford and Kavanaugh allotted the same amount of time to talk


CBS News has confirmed that Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee provided a counteroffer to Ford, and the committee had asked her to respond by 5 p.m. Friday to accept the terms, before extending the deadline [to 10pm]. Conditions of the counteroffer include:

The hearing will be held on Wednesday rather than Thursday;
An outside counsel will question Ford;
Ford will speak before Kavanaugh;
Only one pool camera in the hearing room;
Kavanaugh and Ford will be in separate rooms


Not only that.
They accepted some of Ford's conditions, such as allowing one camera at the hearing, ensuring Kavanaugh and Ford aren't in the same hearing room at the same time, giving Ford breaks during her testimony and providing security from the U.S. Capitol Police.

The GOP, however, rejected requests to limit questions to senators only, make Kavanaugh testify first and to subpoena Mark Judge, who Ford claims was in the same room with her and Kavanaugh during the alleged incident.

Yeah, well, it's not Thursday yet, either.

(Security from the police, or by the police?)

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