Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Except for Fox and Breitbart, no news organization was more useful to Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy than CNN, but now even they seem fed up with serving as a springboard for the lies tossed like grenades into our midst by Trump’s propaganda minions.

  Bill Moyers
Not to mention the fact that T-Rump has bad-mouthed CNN over and over.
Bravo to Jake Tapper and CNN for saying, “No!” to Kellyanne Conway when the White House offered her up as a guest for his Sunday program, State of the Union.


Time and again over the last several months she has been allowed to hoodwink the public, in no small part because anchors and hosts would not risk losing access to Trump’s circle by offending its star apologists with any sort of challenge.


Jim Rutenberg of The New York Times says the news channel’s brass now have “serious questions” about Conway’s credibility.
Nothing gets past the New York Times.
We are living another dreadful and costly lie right now — the lie that Donald Trump is qualified to be president, the lie that the United States can survive four years of a presidency driven by the moral chaos generated by his lies.


Perhaps I am making too much of one incident, but cheers nonetheless to Jake Tapper for taking a stand.


Now, maybe someone else will follow, another domino will fall, and another and another — until we in the press have collectively reclaimed our courage and independence from complicity with the state.
I'm not holding my breath.

...but hey, do what you want...you will anyway.

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