Monday, July 24, 2017

Tweeting Scared

Where's that "pivot" to president people kept talking about?  After years of simply being a dick in front of cameras, he has no idea what a president does or how to be one.

So says the sleaziest politician this country has - and hopefull will ever see who spends all his time WATCHing TV and tweeting whines, lies and slurs.

But...wait for it...(you don't have to wait long):

Wow. A Hillary whine combined with a Sessions slime. Nice going. You're the president, asshat. Why don't you charge the "beleagured" AG - whom YOU are beleaguring - to investigate Hillary?

If "beleagured" fits anybody here, it's the Asshat in Chief. And his asshat kids.

Zero evidence. Apparently Whiney Boy doesn't know the meaning of "evidence".

Well, dickhead, you're the one who started that drain the swamp business. Change it.

It IS worse than anyone ever thought - and it begins and ends with the Trump administration.  OK, hyperbole.  It begins with the GOP.  And it would be nice to think it would end with the Trump administration.

Hey! A policy tweet. One out of five. Not bad.  You campaigned on it, too, asshat.

These tweets of his are going to be in the history books.  A very,  very low point for the United States.  Nixon will look good by comparison.

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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