Friday, July 14, 2017

The Pope Bans Whining

Pope Francis has made his opinion on complainers very clear, posting a ‘No Whining’ sign on the door to his Vatican residence. It goes on to stress that the “penalty” is worsened if done in front of children.

Underneath the ‘No Whining’ warning is a description of the typical symptoms experienced by those who choose to complain all the time.

“Violators are subject to a syndrome of always feeling like a victim and the consequent reduction of your sense of humor and capacity to solve problems,” the sign states in Italian, as quoted by Reuters.

It goes on to state that “the penalty is doubled if the violation take[s] place in the presence of children. To get the best out of yourself, concentrate on your potential and not on your limitations.

“Stop complaining and take steps to improve your life," it concludes.

So, Trump can't visit the Pope, then.

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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