Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Meanwhile in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem municipality said Wednesday it plans to approve 800 new homes in Jewish-populated areas of east Jerusalem in the coming month, a move that could complicate President Donald Trump’s attempt to restart peace talks.

I wasn't aware Trump was doing anything to restart peace talks.
Trump’s son-in-law and adviser Jared Kushner arrived in Israel last month and sat down with Israeli and Palestinian leaders in an effort to help kick-start long-dormant negotiations.
Oh, that. Kushner hasn't even been seen since the Mueller investigation took aim at his dealings.  No one seriously thought he was capable of actually doing anything. Not even Trump and Kushner.
[A]mid deep disagreements between the sides, [Kushner] has not yet said how he plans to proceed.


City Hall said it will approve the 800 units in an upcoming planning committee meeting, along with 114 units in Arab neighborhoods.


The housing would be the first approved in east Jerusalem since Trump called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to curb settlement construction in February.
Well, that's a poke in the eye for Trump.
After the Israeli announcement, the White House issued a statement saying: “President Trump has publicly and privately expressed his concerns regarding settlements, and the administration has made clear that unrestrained settlement activity does not advance the prospect for peace. At the same time, the administration recognizes that past demands for a settlement freeze have not helped advance peace talks.”
In other words: do what you want. You will anyway.
“As we have demonstrated in recent trips and conversations with the parties, the Trump Administration is committed to and focused on doing everything possible to advance the prospects of a historic, conflict-ending agreement between Israelis and Palestinians,” the statement added.
You haven't "demonstrated" anything. You've just said stuff.

 ...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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