Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jesus Frederick Christ

Trump, standing alongside Macron at a news conference, said the two nations have "occasional disagreements" but that would not disrupt a friendship that dates back to the American Revolution. He remained non-committal about the United States eventually rejoining the global climate agreement that bears Paris' name, telling Macron, "if it happens that will be wonderful, and if it doesn't that will be OK too."

  SF Gate
The essence of Donald Trump. He doesn't give a shit about anything but his celebrity. The world? Pffft. If it makes it, okay. If it doesn't, meh.

And what does he mean "if it happens"?  Isn't he the one who took us out of it?  Presumably that means he's the one who could put us back in.  Does he not know that?  I don't think we can underestimate Mr. Trump or his knowledge.

Great leader you've got there, US.

There's an interesting addendum to the story:

Nowhere in the story is there anything about Jules Verne. And, wouldn't it be grand if he were atop the Eiffel Tower?

I take it they mean the restaurant.  Still, it's not mentioned in the story.

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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