Friday, July 7, 2017

Jesus Franklin Christ

What is wrong with Republicans? Remember when John Ashcroft made them cover up a piece of art at the DOJ? Apaprently Paul Ryan is of the same ilk.
A young, female reporter recently tried to enter a guarded room known as the Speaker's lobby outside the House chamber, but her outfit was considered inappropriate because her shoulders weren't covered. She was wearing a sleeveless dress.


The Speaker's lobby, a room adjacent to the front of the House chamber, is a go-to location for reporters wanting to grab lawmakers for brief interviews, and there are allegedly rules about what you can wear inside.

Also, open-toed shoes are banned. I sympathize with the woman. I once had a boss on a landscape crew at a public university in summer-sweltering Missouri who was afraid of women in sleeveless shirts and banned them - also form-fitting blouses.
Forced to improvise, she ripped out pages from her notebook and stuffed them into her dress's shoulder openings to create sleeves, witnesses said.
Now THAT's awesome. I wish I'd thought of that.
An officer who's tasked with enforcing rules in the Speaker's lobby said her creative concoction still was not acceptable.
Would have been the same at MU landscape, but still an awesome move.

Men who are afraid that seeing female arms and toes will arouse them have a problem. Women shouldn't have to pay for it.
The dress code is only enforced inside the Speaker's lobby -- not along the rest of the chamber's perimeter.


These rules are far from clear cut and there are no visible signs defining them.
That's part of the ploy.  They can make up exceptions or additional bans as the mood strikes them.
They are also not enforced on the Senate side of the Capitol.
Apparently there's no God-botherer in charge over there.
Strong also noted after the publication of this story that this dress code existed under previous House speakers, too, including Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat.
What the hell is her problem? Nobody wants to see her old skin?
There have been exceptions to these so-called rules, of course. Former first lady Michelle Obama wore sleeveless dresses to several State of the Union addresses inside the House chamber. President Trump's daughter, Ivanka, was spotted in the House gallery during her father's joint address to Congress in February wearing a slightly off-the-shoulder dress with what appeared to be her bra strap showing.
That's a problem for petty tyrants. Can't lord it over the people above you.

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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