Thursday, July 27, 2017

At Least They've Got Things Running Smoothly Now

Minutes after Politico reported that new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci stands to profit from his stake in his investment firm while in the West Wing, based on previously undisclosed financial disclosure forms, Scaramucci tweeted. [ed: tweet below]


Per the New Yorker's Ryan Lizza: "In case there's any ambiguity in his tweet I can confirm that Scaramucci wants the FBI to investigate Reince for leaking."

Scaramucci's tweet was subsequently deleted, and he tweeted a follow-up in response to an earlier version of this story, calling it "Wrong!"


Behind the scenes, per the Washington Post's Philip Rucker: "Some in White House are trying to build a case that Priebus is a leaker — 'a diagram' charting leaks, per senior official — to show Trump."

The Mooch's delete finger must be worn to a nub now.
It appears that Trump is deploying Scaramucci to rip the band aid off with Priebus. He has been fed up with his chief of staff for a while and has totally empowered his new communications director.

"Wrong!" I think the Mooch is the Rump's Mini-Me.

UPDATE:  Oh, my.  He actually retweeted this  (click for video):

P.S.  Axios appears to have changed its heading:

Why? Just because the Mooch tweeted about it? Afraid to be labeled "Fake News" by the Trump Cabal?


ICYMI, Scaramucci said this in an interview with Jake Tapper of CNN:

"Sarah, if you're watching, I love the hair and makeup person that we had on Friday.  So I'd like to continue to use the hair and makeup person."

That "went viral" as they say, with people criticizing him for criticizing Huckleberry's previous appearance.  ("On Friday" she had wavy hair instead of her normal straight, and more makeup.  The Mooch also says in that interview that he wants to "soften up" the team's appearance on TV.)

The Mooch went on the defensive saying he was talking about his own hair and makeup (which Jake Tapper seems to also think).  Sounds plausible, but why on earth direct that comment to Sarah on live TV?

And now?

So, he was talking about Sarah in the Tapper interview?

I wouldn't have even bothered with this silliness if I hadn't seen this recent tweet.  But maybe I should have.  As we all know, the tRump is all about the look.

And, one last P.S.   Remember, it's all about "the people".

"I'll do anything for this."


Looks like Huckleberry knew she was the target of Mooch's comment.  It seems Friday's hair and makeup guy is still on the job.


Well, that didn't last long.

Are we now going to have a fight between Scaramucci and Huckleberry as well as the one between Reibus & the Mooch?


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