Thursday, November 27, 2014

Just a Few More Holes

1. Wilson washed away blood evidence.


2. The first officer to interview Wilson failed to take any notes.


3. Investigators failed to measure the likely distance between Brown and Wilson.


4. Investigators did not test Wilson’s gun for fingerprints.


5. Wilson did not immediately turn his weapon over to investigators after killing Brown.


6. An initial interview with investigators was delayed while Wilson traveled to the hospital with his superiors.


7. Wilson’s initial interview with the detective conflicts with information given in later testimony.

Number 1 alone is enough to create a need for a trial. Why did a trained police officer wash blood evidence off himself after shooting and killing someone?

Pardon the Turkey

Seriously, UCLA? Worth It?

The Washington Post used a Freedom of Information Act request to get an inside look at just what it takes to get Hillary Clinton to come speak at your university. First of all, there’s the matter of cash: a cool $300,000, which is apparently the “special university rate.” That is the answer UCLA received when it asked whether the public university could get some sort of discount. Undeterred by the price tag, the university moved forward with booking the former secretary of state. Yet the cash was hardly all the university had to put forward as booking the presidential hopeful involved a string of requests that kept organizers busy until she delivered he Luskin Lecture for Thought Leadership speech on March 5, 2014.

The university had decided to award the former secretary of state the UCLA medal. But in a clear example of how carefully Clinton’s people stage-manage her appearances, they asked that the medal be presented in a box rather than draped around her neck. Other demands included:


...but hey, do what you will anyway.

Blackout Black Friday

The ‘No Justice, No Profit’ campaign – led by a movement of celebrities and activists – is calling for a nationwide boycott of retail outlets to protest the recent grand jury decision not to indict a white officer for killing an unarmed black teenager.

Not an issue for me since I have never bought anything on Black Friday.  But, count me in anyway.

Warning:  the following video is graphic.

Ferguson International

At least 400 protesters have been arrested over the past three days across the US, as they rallied against the grand jury decision on the shooting of Mike Brown in Ferguson, and police violence in general.

Some 200 activists were detained in Los Angeles. At 7:30pm local time on Wednesday, police told the demonstrators to leave within four minutes. Those who stayed were taken to police stations, with a possible bail of $500. If the bail isn’t paid, the detainees are to stay in prison until at least December 1.


In Oakland, California, hundreds of protesters marched through the city, spraying walls, billboards and bus stops with graffiti and smashing storefront windows. It all led to clashes with police in a public plaza adjacent to City Hall.


San Diego saw a peaceful march, with around 300 people chanting “Ferguson, we’ve got your back!”


In Dallas, Texas, three members of a group called ‘Come and Take It’ marched alongside demonstrators, saying they were prepared to step in and protect private property if things turned ugly.

Heavily armed.  What are they going to do if "things turn ugly"?  Shoot civilian protesters?  "Come and Take It'" - they're talking about their guns.

What a great time to have so many open carry communities.

Oathkeepers...aren't they the "Christian" army?

And even London joined in...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


...but hey, do what you will anyway.

Protest That Works

Financial protest for race relations. Indeed, that's the best way to be heard.


This will only bring down punishment....

There were also large protests in Boston and L.A., in Times Square, on Wall Street and the UN, and across the country.

This much national protest support will surely put pressure on the federal investigation.

Meanwhile, in Ferguson last night, protesters were pepper sprayed, tear-gassed and arrested.  There was some looting and it looks like one police car was set on fire, and it's reported that a protester with a fire extinguisher put it out.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Grand Jury Farce

 Lisa Bloom is an attorney who does analyses for NBC. Check out her analysis of the Darren Wilson Grand Jury testimony.

 ...but hey, do what you will anyway.

Pay Any Price

It is difficult to recognize the limits a society places on accepted thought at the time it is doing it. When everyone accepts basic assumptions, there don’t seem to be constraints on ideas. That truth often only reveals itself in hindsight. Today, the basic prerequisite to being taken seriously in American politics is to accept the legitimacy of the new national security state. The new basic American assumption is that there really is a need for a global war on terror. Anyone who doesn’t accept that basic assumption is considered dangerous and maybe even a traitor. The crackdown on leaks by the Obama administration has been designed to suppress the truth about the war on terror. Stay on the interstate highway of conventional wisdom with your journalism, and you will have no problems. Try to get off and challenge basic assumptions, and you will face punishment.

  James Risen via Glenn Greenwald
James Risen interviewed by Glenn Greenwald about Risen’s new book: Pay Any Price.

And Right on Cue...There Goes Syria

US air strikes in Syria are encouraging anti-regime fighters to forge alliances with or even defect to Islamic State (Isis), according to a series of interviews conducted by the Guardian.

Fighters from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Islamic military groups are joining forces with Isis, which has gained control of swaths of Syria and Iraq and has beheaded six western hostages in the past few months.

Some brigades have transferred their allegiance, while others are forming tactical alliances or truces. Support among civilians also appears to be growing in some areas as a result of resentment over US-led military action.


Abu Zeid, the commander of an FSA brigade near Idlib and a defector from President Bashar al-Assad’s army, said: “All the locals here wonder why the US coalition never came to rescue them from Assad’s machine guns, but run to fight Isis when it took a few pieces of land.

  The Guardian
Apparently, gullible rebels still think the US cares about them. Well, they did until now.