Tuesday, July 29, 2014

There Ought to Be a Law

Keith Alexander, the former director of the National Security Administration, is filing for tech security patents related to his work running the NSA.

He's hawking a hacker/intrusion-detection service to banks and big corporations for a reported fee of one million dollars a month.

...but hey, do what you want...you will anyway.

Israeli Military Attack Video

A video posted Tuesday by Al Arabiya shows the destruction of the Gaza neighborhood of Beit Hanoun in one hour.


Perspective in Gaza/Exterminating Palestinians

Over a million people in Gaza could be without electricity after Israeli tank shells hit the fuel depot of the enclave’s only power station, causing it to shut down. Its director, Mohammed al-Sharif, said, "The power plant is finished.”


Even before the shutdown, Gaza residents only had electricity for about three hours a day because fighting had damaged power lines. The plant was also hit last week, which meant it was running at a reduced capacity of about 20 percent.


Israel continues its assault against Hamas overnight and into Tuesday, destroying the offices of the movement’s al-Aqsa satellite TV and radio station.

  Paul Mason

Monday, July 28, 2014

Yes, It Can Get Worse

(Caveat lector: I have looked for confirmation for none of the below.)  UPDATED below.

UPDATE: 8:15pm


Well, if the Brits can't do it, I'm sure we can.

NBC Shills for Israel

NBC host David Gregory was forced to issue a correction at the end of his weekly Meet the Press program on Sunday after a United Nations official confronted him for using a unconfirmed Israeli video that allegedly showed Hamas shooting rockets from a UN school


“The Israeli government has released videotape within the past hour, it was posted on YouTube, NBC News hasn’t independently verified,” Gregory explained to [UN Relief & Works Agency spokesperson Chris] Gunness. “The Israelis say — and I realize that you cannot see this video, our audience can, and I’m going to describe it to you — that purports to show rockets being fired from a UN school.”


“Look, to be fair to me, to bring me on a live program and expect me to comment live on air on pictures I haven’ actually seen, I think anyone looking at this program would agree that’s really unfair,” Gunness insisted. “I mean, if I can see it, I’ll happily comment on it.”

At the conclusion of the program, Gregory said that the United Nations had “confirmed that the video does not show rockets being fired from a UN-administrated school in Gaza.”

“So this is a back and forth that we are not able to settle at this point,” Gregory said.

So we’ll leave you believing that it COULD be what Israel says it is, and that the UN is aiding and abetting the firing of rockets on Israel.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's Sunday

Margaret, our good Christian Governor down here in Texas, Rick Perry, said he would use his executive authority to activate up to 1,000 National Guard troops to help secure the Texas border region against “criminal aliens.” Criminal Aliens being Spanish for children, I think. My Spanish isn’t so good so you might want to look that up.


I always love it when a good Christian finds strength in the words of Jesus. It gives me hope. In this case, I think the teachings of Jesus are pretty clear…

New International Version
Jesus said, “Let the legal little children north of the border come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

New Living Translation
But Jesus said, “Let the non criminal alien children come to me.


English Standard Version
But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them unless they are illegal.


It reminds me of my favorite hymn:

Jesus loves the legal children,
All the legal children of the world.
Red and yellow, black but mainly white,
All are precious in His sight,
Jesus loves the legal children of the world.

  Margaret and Helen

Don't Wait Til Christmas to Buy That AK-47

Kalashnikov Concern, the company responsible for the eponymous gas-operated 7.62 caliber assault rifle known largely around the world as the AK-47, is among the latest Russian-owned entities to be blacklisted by the US government following last Wednesday’s announcement that several Russian banks, energy firms and weapons makers were being targeted by new sanctions.

Good for business here.
Gun sellers now say the Obama administration’s decision to sanction the company has caused a spike in sale in the week since
Gas operated?

Meanwhile in Ukraine

At least 13 civilians and likely dozens more have been killed by artillery barrages, as government troops continue to close in on militia positions around the city of Gorlovka in eastern Ukraine.

A 1-year old and a 5-year old are among the dead, according to information published by the Donetsk regional administration. Several local journalists on the ground have reported that as many as 30 have been killed, as fighting continues.


From the GW Bush Songbook

An Israel Defense Forces investigation into the strike on a United Nations-run school in the Gaza Strip has revealed that the courtyard was struck by an Israeli mortar, but was empty of people at the time


...but hey, do what you want...you will anyway.

It's Sunday