Friday, August 11, 2017

On the McMaster Front

As if it weren't enough that there's a special prosecutor investigating the president's relationship to Russian hacking and money laundering, and a nuclear war run-up with North Korea, there's also a disturbing personnel battle happening at the NSC.

Josh Marshall breaks it down here, and concludes:
Higgins himself may be out. But the FP piece reports that Don Jr. got hold of his memo during the firestorm of controversy over his June 2016 Trump Tower meeting and loved it. He shared it with his father, President Trump, who loved it too. He got angry when Sean Hannity told him that Higgins had been fired over it. So even though Higgins is out, these ideas are still pervasive in the Trump White House and get an enthusiastic thumbs up from Trump himself. Even though McMaster won the battle, to put it in Higginsian terms, the war continues. And it seems as likely as not, on the FP’s reporting, that McMaster will eventually lose.

Let us hope not.

This and everything else that is going on in Trump's America echo what's happening in 1933 in a non-fiction book I'm reading now by the author of "Devil in the White City" and "Isaac's Storm", Erik Larson. The one I'm currently reading is "In the Garden of Beasts". (H/t Stephen for the recommendation.)

Yes, I've gone there: Godwin's Law. And I don't think it's unwarranted at this point.

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