Friday, August 4, 2017

An Administration of Liars

A watchdog organization [Campaign for Accountability] has asked the Justice Department to investigate Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for allegedly making repeated false statements to Congress about the conduct of OneWest Bank, where he served as CEO and later chair between 2009 and 2015.

  The Intercept
Lying to Congress is a jailable offense, but I don't even know when the last time that happened was. The jailing, I mean, not the lying.  And with Jeff Sessions as the AG, you can forget about Mnuchin having to pay any price for criminal lying.
On three separate occasions, both in written testimony and in live hearings, Mnuchin has denied that OneWest engaged in robosigning of foreclosure documents, when copious evidence exists to the contrary. Most recently, Mnuchin appears to have lied about robosigning while under oath last week in testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.


“I don’t think you know what robosigning is,” insisting there is no legal definition, and denied that there was any robosigning at OneWest, “for the record,” [Mnuchin said to Rep. Keith Ellison].


In fact, despite his claim last week that “robosigning is not a legal term,” Mnuchin provided such a definition to [Sen. Bob Casey, D-Pa., in January, in conjunction with his confirmation hearings], saying it referred to “(a) a signer of a foreclosure affidavit attested to facts that were not verified to be accurate; or (b) a signer of a foreclosure affidavit represented himself or herself to be someone else.”
Sadly, Congress continues to confirm these assholes Trump brings to the administration. Apparently, they like being lied to.
None of this is surprising because it was the standard practice of every bank engaged in foreclosure operations at that time. For some reason, the campaign claims, Mnuchin doesn’t want to admit to a practice that most banks have acknowledged and paid billions of dollars in fines for.
"For some reason."

....but hey, do what you will anyway.

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