Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Twit Is Encouraged

He tweeted all through the night.  Mostly Fox & Friends retweets about his boast to North Korea to unleash the wrath of God, the fact that North Korea now has nukes that can fit on their missiles, that French soldiers were injured in a vehicle attack, that "millions of gallons of Mexican waste threaten Border Patrol agents", and that "U.S. Air Force jets take off from Guam for training, ensuring they can 'fight tonight'.  He's desperately looking for something to boost his fragile ego and counter the feeling he gets when people call him out for being the biggest dumb-ass the world has ever seen.

Everything is bigger and better with Trump.  How on earth did we survive before him?

Seven minutes later...

Hopefully, the North Koreans are not as stupid and childish as our president.

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