Monday, August 7, 2017

The Mueller Grand Juries

There is no possible way that this White House is D'd up for the Category Five shitstorm that's coming over the next six months to a year. Right now, there's no indication that anyone there has any grasp at all about how anything in Washington works, let alone how to handle the magnitude of what's rolling up the driveway of the West Wing.


It appears that Mueller's after it all—the alleged financial shenanigans that pre-date last November's election, the slow-dancing with Russian oligarchs, the infusions of cash from the banks of the Volga that kept the Trump Organization in business, the overpayment by Russians for condos owned by the Trump Organization—everything, as the great Lennie Briscoe once said to a Russian mob kingpin, right down to the rubber in your wallet. He is not afraid and he is not going away.

  Charles P Pierce
What is concerning in all this is that we don't know what Trump will do, but we know who he is.
This president* will pull the temple down on his own head if it means another twenty bucks or if it means keeping the dark side of his business dark.
You can dodge a congressional subpoena, or finagle your way past an FBI interview, but if a grand jury subpoena gets dropped on you, unless your lawyer is very, very good, your ass is going to be in a chair and Robert Mueller is going to be looking at you.

They can't rein it in. If Mueller wants to look at how the Trump Organization did its business with Russian interests before the president* even thought of being president, he can do that. If he wants to conduct exploratory surgery on Jared Kushner's financial records, he can do that, too. If he wants to examine the working conditions in the Chinese factories where Ivanka's line of shoes are made, it's off to Asia we go. Meanwhile, congresscritters on both sides of the aisle are pushing legislation aimed at protecting Mueller from presidential retribution. In other words, as Blackstone once put it, shit's getting really real.


See, here's the thing about grand juries. They don't go away. They don't care whom they steamroll. They don't care about how good the chocolate cake is at your country club. The Electoral College is irrelevant to them. Your gold commode does not impress them. Grand juries are rampaging beasts eagerly going where the prosecutors want them to go. All of this is true of any grand jury anywhere at any time. In Washington, the beast is bigger and the rampage more ferocious than it is anywhere else.

  Charles P Pierce
...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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