Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Send These Whiners Packing

Appearing on Fox’s “Hannity” show, the favorite media outlet of the Trump family, Eric Trump said his father is carrying the “whole weight” of the Republican party on his shoulders.

“My father said it, you know, he said it a couple of weeks ago in a tweet. He said, you know, ‘Am I going to have to carry this whole weight on my shoulders? When are some of the people in my own party going to start protecting me?’” Eric Trump said.

Can we see that tweet? I sure don't recall it. But, tRump does indeed whine a lot.  And I expect "the people in [his] own party" are wondering when he's going to start backing them up.
“Now listen, I’m an outsider, I am looking in on the White House. … But I want somebody to start fighting for him.”
Hahahahaha. An outsider. Hahahahaha.

Poor baby. Trump's losing supporters right and left on his own merits. Maybe tell HIM to stop being an ass and a bully.
He said his father is “the best fighter in the world” and no one can do a better job of fighting for Trump than Trump can.
So where's your problem?
“But how much weight does he have to carry by himself? How can a party that is doing so much better than the Democrats. … Why wouldn’t they embrace this? My father has the voice of this country. The people of this country love him. Why wouldn’t they get in line?”
Poor little Eric.

...but hey, do what you want...you will anyway.

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