Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Leaky, Leaky

If they hired Kelly for his ability to stop leaks, he's probably not going to be any better at it than Scaramucci. He'll just go about failing at it differently.
[D]espite his desire for discipline, it took only hours on Monday for Mr. Kelly to face his first White House leak, and it was about him. CNN reported that Mr. Kelly had been so upset about the president’s firing of James B. Comey as F.B.I. director in May that he called Mr. Comey to say he was considering resigning, an account that was confirmed by a former law enforcement official who was told of the conversation.

Tump's going to have to find an excuse to fire him.
Mr. Kelly resisted the president’s entreaties to take over for Mr. Priebus during the past several weeks. After his appointment was announced on Friday, he met with Mr. Trump and demanded assurances that he would wield the usual sweeping authority over personnel, the flow of information and access to the Oval Office that chiefs of staff have traditionally been given.
You mean the same thing Trump promised Priebus?
Mr. Kelly also made it clear that everyone in the staff — including Mr. Bannon, Ms. Trump and Mr. Kushner — would clear policy proposals, personnel recommendations and advice from outsiders through him.
Yeah, good luck there, General.
Ms. Trump and Mr. Kushner had hoped to persuade Mr. Trump to appoint Dina Powell, the deputy national security adviser, as chief of staff. Mr. Trump, who likes Ms. Powell, considered doing so, but later — when it became apparent that Mr. Trump had settled on hiring Mr. Kelly — the pair supported the choice of the general, according to people involved in the White House’s internal discussions.


“General Kelly has the full authority to operate within the White House, and all staff will report to him,” Ms. Sanders told reporters later. But she added that Mr. Trump would decide how that would work.
As I said: Good luck.
Ms. Trump and Mr. Kushner had initially pushed the president to hire Mr. Scaramucci, seeing him as a way to force out Mr. Priebus, the former Republican National Committee chairman, and his allies in the West Wing, like Mr. Spicer.
Get rid of the GOP in the administration and replace them with fellow money launderers, back-biters and sharks?
Mr. Trump was initially pleased by Mr. Scaramucci’s harsh remarks, directed at Mr. Priebus as well as Mr. Bannon. But that view seemed to change as people around Mr. Trump told him that Mr. Scaramucci’s over-the-top performances were not well received.


For the time being, the White House may leave the communications director post open, said a person close to the internal discussions about the job, though Mr. Kelly has the latitude from Mr. Trump to fill the post with someone from the Department of Homeland Security.
He runs such a chaotic house that Homeland Security has to be brought in.
New White House chief of staff John Kelly was so upset with how President Donald Trump handled the firing of FBI Director James Comey that Kelly called Comey afterward and said he was considering resigning, according to two sources familiar with a conversation between Kelly and Comey.

Both sources cautioned that it was unclear how serious Kelly, then the secretary of homeland security, was about resigning himself.

Serious or not, if he called Comey to say that, he was unhappy.
"John was angry and hurt by what he saw and the way (Comey) was treated," one of the sources said.
And foolish enough to take a turn as Chief of Staff and risk getting similar treatment himself.
Comey, who took Kelly's call while traveling back from Los Angeles to Washington, responded to Kelly by telling him not to resign, one of the sources said.


The sources said Comey and Kelly are not close friends but that they had a professional relationship and a deep mutual respect for each other.
...but hey, do what you want...you will anyway.

UPDATE:  And so it begins...

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