Friday, August 11, 2017


Trump retweeted this...

WTF?  Mitch the Turtle is not going to resign. Obviously he's trying to "send Mitch a message."

Let's see how many GOP asshats back Mitch and how many back The Rump, who ironically, and deservedly, is tearing the GOP apart.

And...I guess The Rump doesn't think his followers will read that whole Fox article.  Perhaps he didn't read it himself.  He just saw the Fox tweet and passed it on.

Let's check out the penultimate paragraph:
And yet, in opening a door he might want to try to shove McConnell out of, Trump once against demonstrated his naivete in Washington's ways. A Senate majority leader is elected by members of his own conference, and McConnell has plenty of support within his, regardless of anything Trump may say about it.

  Fox News

But wait...there's more.  He also retweeted this...

Fox News is The Rump's propaganda machine.

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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