Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Pence of Darkness

If anybody else said it, I'd assume they were talking about the skies, space.  But with Pence, I can't help but read it as a nod to Christianity.

Also assume this guy is responding to pourmecoffee's response to Dave Itzkoff, but hey...I'm at a loss to understand a lot of what's going around these days.

Pence also said, "We will return our nation to the moon."  Did America start on the moon?  I'm sure there are plenty of countries who would like to see it returned to the moon.  

"We will go to Mars, and we will still go further to places that our children's children can only imagine."  

I wish he were talking about the Trump administration going to those currently unimaginable places.

Have a look/listen to the cadence of his speech.  He sounds exactly like the fundamentalist preachers I heard in my childhood (and the one I've recently heard at a couple of funerals). 

Pence is scary.

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