Friday, July 7, 2017

The Guardian Looks at "The" Meeting

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov [...] claimed Trump had told Putin he accepted the Russian leader’s denials of involvement.

Of course he did. That was a given.
The personalised format of the meeting excluded those in Trump’s team who are more sceptical about Russia, such as national security adviser HR McMaster and Trump’s senior Russia adviser Fiona Hill.


A trustworthy account of exactly how the meeting went down is unlikely to surface, but another win for Putin was the makeup of the room. In addition to the two presidents, the only people present were the respective foreign ministers and two interpreters. This means there is no chance of leaks, as happened when Lavrov visited the White House in May and it later emerged that Trump had shared sensitive intelligence with the Russians.
Surely there was an interpreter? Or was that Lavrov's role? Pretty good job if you know the other two fools don't speak Russian.
[The Syrian cease-fire] deal may prove less than durable and go the way of many previous failed ceasefire agreements on Syria, but at a time when the world’s media is fixated on Russian election meddling, it is a win for Putin that the main headline from the meeting is that a deal of any sort was struck.
And a win for Trump as he can use it to try to get the "Fake News Media" to talk about something other than his many faux pas, sleazy dealings of the Trump organization and the Russia collusion investigation.
When the two men met earlier in the day, [...] in what must have been music to Putin’s ears, [Trump] simply said it was “an honour” to meet the Russian president.


As journalists were hurried out of the room, Putin appeared to gesture to Trump and ask if these journalists were the ones who had insulted Trump, laughing at his own joke.
Putin owns Trump, doesn't he?

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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