Monday, July 17, 2017

Stop It, People

I have been seeing way too many of these kinds of slams.  And this is the straw that breaks this camel's back.

These types of slam are not accurate.  They don't serve any good.

True, Secret Service men and women do risk their lives every day for Trump.  What a thankless job.
However, it's not true that  Trump "tries to falsely blame them" - unless you have evidence of that or heard him do it yourself, which, if true, should be stated along with the claim.

Trump's lawyer, who can loosely be connected to Trump's beliefs insofar as he might be considered to speak for Trump - but legally only - said something about the Secret Service.  He's not personally speaking for Trump.  We might speculate, but we don't know how Trump feels about  the Service's responsibility in Junior's meeting.   And, secondly, even the lawyer didn't blame the Service for Junior's meeting, as this tweet says.  He asked a rhetorical question: how could it have been wrong to meet with these people if the Service let them in?  He meant for the listening public to believe that there was nothing wrong with the meeting, otherwise the Service would have stopped it.

True, the lawyer is a dick.  (Trump is a dick, too, and so dangerous for this country and the world.  Trump Junior is also a dick.)  This tweet doesn't say that, though. It's a misleading question the lawyer has asked - and he knows it.  Junior wasn't being protected by the Service at the time of the meeting.  And even if he were, it's not the Sercret Service's role to vet visitors  for political intent.  The Service is not political (at least not yet - and they are not supposed to be). They are there for physical protection.  The lawyer was raising an idiotic point meant to engage people's emotions, but so is this kind of tweet about what the situation is.

And thirdly, it has not yet been proven that the meeting was illegal.  Wait for the prosecutor.  Or at least be a fucking constitutional or political ethics lawyer before you make these kinds of pronouncements. Trump has been dancing on the edge of legality - and I assume crossing over - for all of his adult life.   I'm also personally convinced his campaign - with his knowledge and probably participation - worked with the Russians to get him elected.  But I'm more convinced that what will eventually nail him is his money laundering and racketeering.  Junior's meeting adds more grist to the mill, but is so full of questions right now, we just need to settle down and let that work its way out of Mueller's investigation.

People, stop acting just like the lawyers and the pols who want to take down Trump at any cost.  I very, very much want him gone, too.  (I don't want the guy next in line, however, or the one after that.)  But this kind of sloppy and misleading reading and passing on of what is actually happening is not helpful.  It just makes people stop listening to you.  Rightfully.

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

P.S.  Kaivan Shroff is not a lawyer.

If you want some actual thoughtful summarization from an actual litigation attorney, here's Paul Dickinson on the subject.

I'm sure Mueller's people will follow this email story to the bitter end.  There will no doubt be other texts, phone calls and emails  woven throughout that may well lead to airtight conclusions.  Hopefully, it won't take forever for them to trace it all down.

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