Thursday, July 27, 2017

Speaking of Mini Me...

The new head of communications at the White House brought up Abraham Lincoln’s struggle to end slavery when asked about the difficulty Donald Trump has faced in trying to repeal Barack Obama’s healthcare legislation.

In his first UK television interview, Anthony Scaramucci said Trump would push through the abolition of the healthcare plan, despite opposition in Congress.

Scaramucci isn't just Trump's Mini-Me. He's Trump's puppet. Maybe that was the agreement for getting hired.  "I will say whatever President Donald J Trump tells me to say."

The Mooch also apparently as dangerous as The Rump when it comes to going off script and running his mouth a little bit too much.
He told BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis: “If you’ve read Team of Rivals, it took Lincoln three or four times to get what he wanted from the Senate and the House of Representatives, which was the full abolition of slavery – that was a much tougher thing to get done than what we’re working on right now.”
So...what does he say when Trumpcare fails to get passed?

Ditto with this remark:
“It took 22 months for President Obama to get what he wanted from the legislature. We’re in the six months of the president’s presidency. So think about the things we are trying to accomplish inside of one year."
And like his puppet master, he also has trouble with the meaning of words.
Scaramucci said people dealing with Trump had to have a “tough exoskeleton, be a strong person with a strong backbone”.
Maybe he just meant two different things that a person needs. Yeah. That's the ticket.
“To me, if you can handle the president’s personality, if you can handle his temperament – which I happen to love – then you are going to do great with the president.”


“One of the things I cannot stand about this town is the backstabbing that goes on here. Where I grew up, in the neighbourhood I’m from, we’re front-stabbers."
Okay, then.

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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