Thursday, July 27, 2017

"Skinny Repeal"

A handful of key Republican senators who had spurned earlier overtures from GOP leadership endorsed the latest plan to gut Obamacare’s individual and employer coverage mandates and its medical device tax. But several centrists said they’re undecided on the so-called skinny repeal, leaving the GOP in limbo through at least the end of the week.

ockeying on the scaled-back approach came as the Senate rejected a straight repeal of Obamacare in a 45-55 vote Wednesday. The night before, senators turned aside a comprehensive replacement plan that had been crafted by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The roll calls were the latest reminders that GOP leaders’ best hope at this point is just to get something — anything — through the chamber with a bare majority and into a conference with the House.

Something, - anything - doesn't appear to be do-able for the GOP on health care.
On Wednesday [...] we learned a new phrase.


"Somebody needs to go over there to that Senate," said Congressman Buddy [Carter (R-Georgia)], "and snatch a knot in their ass."


From the beginning on Wednesday, it was clear that the Republican strategy on this bill was to pass something—anything!—so that they could go into conference with members from the House and produce something—anything!—that will make them feel that they have "fulfilled the promise" they made to free the American people from the shackles of an increasingly popular healthcare law by means of legislation of some kind that has yet to crack 20 percent approval in any poll. The best shot they have is to pass what has been called the "skinny repeal" and then hope for the best.


[T]he [failed] proposal by Rand Paul of Kentucky [was] to repeal the ACA without replacing it, a repeal that would not go into effect for 30 months, during which time, supposedly, cooler and more rational heads would prevail. The Senate voted on that measure Wednesday afternoon, and it lost, 55-45, with seven Republicans joining the Democrats to snatch a knot in Aqua Buddha's brainstorm.


Things are supposed to come to a head on Thursday, when the Republicans are supposed to come up with the "skinny" repeal, on which the Democrats may pile on amendment after amendment that will take the Senate deep into the whiskey hours of the poker game, delaying a vote all the way into Friday, if the Capitol touts are to be believed.

  Charles P Pierce
...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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