Saturday, July 22, 2017

Running Scared This Morning

I woke up this morning to TEN new tweets on the "presidential" account. Even for him, that's a lot at once.

For the umpteenth time - Comey did not leak illegally. And why "Amazon" Washington Post? Is he pissed off at Jeff Bezos? Or did he just see this...

Somebody's jealous. (Is Bezos planning to run for president in 2020?)

Hmmm. Somebody I know of just gave a lengthy interview to the "Failing New York Times". Didn't come off as fabulous as you thought it would, Don? I'll tell you who's failing, and it isn't the New York Times. Hint: rhymes with grump.

Good. Maybe that will put you in a bettr mood. But, in the meantime...

Okay Oscar the Grouch, you've harped on that one long enough. Get some new whines.

That one, too. Fercrissakes. Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.

"So many." How many? One? Oh, wait. I forgot to include Sean Hannity, Sarah Hucakabee Sanders, and probably now Da Mooch.

Yeah, what about 'em? And you are the president. You can put somebody on that. Why aren't you?

Hillary! Hillary! HILLARY!

Get over it already!

 He likes to add "acid washed" every time he talks about those emails - which is a LOT.


Who are not now, nor have they ever been, obstructionists.


You know, that really is the only thing that drives him aside from his enormous ego, and it's actually part and parcel of it. He has to win. Any ideas on how he will spin the Mueller investigation, 3/4 of his administratoin in jail, as a win? Because he will.  He may be spinning it in a striped suit, but he'll be spinning it.

 ...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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