Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Rocks in Their Heads

Ty Cobb, in his first interview since joining the team representing President Donald Trump related to the Russia investigation, explained why he agreed to work with the president and what he expects to do.

“My dad was a Navy fighter pilot and I grew up in rural Kansas,” Cobb said as he boarded a flight for his Charleston, South Carolina, home on Friday. “If the president asks you, you don’t say no. I have rocks in my head and steel balls.”

  National Law Journal
Rocks in his head certainly qualifies him for Team Trump.
He was most attracted to the job because it was “an impossible task with a deadline,” he said.
Yep. Rocks in his head.
Cobb said that starting July 31, he’ll be “a simple government employee—not part of the personal legal team.”
“Another fiction is the theory that I’ve taken all media stuff. I’m going to manage the message, but I’m not going on camera all the time,” Cobb said.


He’ll work closely with White House counsel Donald McGahn but will report directly to the president.
Who does Don McGahn report to?
Cobb won’t have the same type of attorney-client privilege that Trump shares with his personal white-collar lawyers outside the White House. Cobb wouldn’t respond to subpoenas sent directly to Trump, for instance, but he would respond as a lawyer who represents the office of the presidency.


When asked if he expects Trump to be a difficult client, Cobb said, “He’s been very gracious to me and I don’t anticipate any difficulty. I’m not his personal lawyer.”
Lucky you.
Twice Cobb commented on the pay cut he’ll take when he leaves Big Law. Hogan Lovells partners around the world make $1.25 million a year on average, though Cobb, being U.S.-based and a longtime partner, may make more. The top salary for a White House lawyer is $179,700. Cobb added that he didn’t know exactly what he’ll make in the government.
A mess of his life, no doubt.

 ...but hey, do what you want...you will anyway.

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