Friday, July 14, 2017

Meanwhile in the Middle East

While Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is currently in the Gulf attempting to broker an end to the crisis between Qatar and four Arab countries, the conflict shows no signs of a resolution.


[T]he effort to isolate Qatar created openings for other regional power players. Most dramatically, Turkey sent military forces to Qatar to deter any invasion. This was a symbolic gesture, given the unlikelihood of an overt attack, but one which further fragmented established norms of Gulf security.

Iran has taken the opportunity to improve its relations with not only Qatar but also Oman and Kuwait.


The Trump administration has sent bewilderingly mixed messages on the crisis.

Imagine that.
Like the Obama administration, the Trump administration is now experiencing a very similar alliance politics dynamic, as the Gulf regimes continue to pursue their own domestic and regional policy agendas with little deference to Washington’s priorities.
Imagine that.

And while Junior, Kushner and the rest of the world burns, Trump has returned from his cavorting in Paris and is now enjoying the US Women's Open at TRump's Bedminster, New Jersey golf course. No family business conflict there.

So, how's Kushner's bid to bring peace between Israel and Palestine going?  Is he focused?

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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