Sunday, July 9, 2017

Meanwhile in Brazil

Brazil’s Federal Police announced this week that it would shut down a crusading anticorruption task force, drawing a rebuke from prosecutors who warned the move could throttle investigations that have exposed systemic corruption among the country’s political and business elites.

The decision comes as President Michel Temer, who is among the politicians facing criminal charges stemming from the unit’s work, is scrambling to shore up support among lawmakers to to avoid trial over bribery allegations.

The Federal Police, which announced the shift on Thursday, characterized it as a bureaucratic reshuffling of personnel and resources that would increase efficiency.

  New York Times

Very efficient when you just stop spending time on it.

I can't believe this crook is still in power in democratic Brazil. Especially after the recording was made public where he's caught taking bribes. Makes a person despair of ever having anything besides corruption in governments.  An Irishman once said to me that in his country they marvel that US citizens seem to think there is such a thing as an honest politician and get worked up when yet another scandal comes to light.  In Ireland, he said, "We assume our politicians are going to be corrupt, and we act accordingly."  He didn't explain what that action is.

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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