Sunday, July 23, 2017

It's Sunday

New research claims the Shroud of Turin is stained with the blood of a torture victim, supporting the theory that it was used to bury Jesus.

Because he was the only person tortured in those days??
Elvio Carlino, who led the research at the Institute of Crystallography in Bari, Italy, says the cloth contains nanoparticles of creatinine bounded with small nanoparticles of iron oxide, which indicate severe trauma.
Yeah, nobody else had any severe trauma back then.  Life was easy, without violence, illness and accidents.
The victim wrapped in the funeral cloth likely underwent “great suffering” before his death, said Carlino speaking to Italian newspaper La Stampa.
So, no other way to undergo great suffering before death except crucifixion. And only that one man's crucifixion. Got it.

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