Friday, July 7, 2017

Dem Elites are Killing Their Party

Which isn't a bad thing.

Even after the wildly successful candidacies of Barack Obama - a guy who seemed to come out of nowhere and offer a new vision for the Democratic Party (which he didn't live up to, but that's another story), Dem elites still want to stick with one of their own.  The "safe white bro" (or Hillary Clinton) who runs straight down the neoliberal platform.  They're incapable of seeing what's happening in the world outside DC.

I get it that they don't actually care about common citizens, but when they make it so obvious, how in the world do they expect to be relevant?

If they can make it so that common citizens' votes don't count and their corporate donors count extra, they might make a come-back.  And in that regard, it does seem the GOP is willing to help.  Which is not surprising.  I suspect the majority of Trump voters who were not simply racists voted for him for two reasons: 1) he isn't Hillary Clinton, and 2) he isn't a member of the political elite.

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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