Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Charles P Pierce "Catches Up with the Story"

I waited all morning, all one rainy and dark Tuesday morning, for the story to slow down enough for me to catch up with it. And, while I was waiting, I wondered what if, on a similarly rainy and dark Tuesday morning in July of 1973, while the Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Practices was conducting its hearings on television, Richard Nixon had called a press conference and simply played all the Watergate tapes for all the world to hear. Because, bless me, that seems very much like what Donald Trump, Jr. did on a July Tuesday in the year of our lord 2017. And that was where I finally caught up with the story.

Check out Pierce's synopsis of the story wherein he notes that he "might have been cautious about commenting merely on [the Times report of Goldstone & Junior's emails], largely because this Goldstone character looks like the mugshot of every two-bit hoodlum capped by Whitey Bulger, but then Junior threw my caution to the wind"; that "Mitch McConnell canceled a chunk of the August recess, probably because he knows nothing's going to move in Congress as long as the circus is in town at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue"; that "Paul Ryan's Super PAC was hip-deep in the borscht itself"; that "an incompetent administration headed by an unqualified buffoon is now descending into criminal comedy and maladroit backstabbing"; and that "the boggled mind further boggles."

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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