Monday, July 10, 2017

Can't Take the Heat?

He's thrown up a flurry of tweets. This time, he's added tweets about things other than himself. I guess for a change he isn't all that happy with the attention he's getting. Or else somebody is testifying this morning. Or he's trying to distract Donnie Jr.

Report accuses material? Did tRump write that tweet for FOX & friends? (Odd way to write Fox & Friends.)

Unlike leaking CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the Russian ambassador. When you're president they let you do anything.  Not to mention one small detail:  Comey did not leak classified information to the media.  He leaked his own unclassified memos.  Not illegal at all.

Mommy says it's okay.

He asked Ivanka to hold his seat because somebody might take it while he was out?

Is he admitting here that he was giving our country away?

Chelsea for pres. I'm pretty sure that's confirmation that he's trying to position Ivanka for a run for the office. I've noted that before on several occasions.

Hillary is on Donald's mind day and night, isn't she?

Whatever negative things there are to say about James Comey, he is a thousand times smarter than any Trump & Friends people.

What did Mayor deBlasio do to tRump that put him in feud mode?  I can NOT keep up.

Hopefully, tRump has been given his meds and can rest easily the remainder of the day.

And, speaking of Junior...

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

UPDATE 7/11:  Faux News issued a correction about their Comey claim.  Do you suppose tRump will do the same?  Rhetorical question.

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