Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Burying JUnior - Part 10 Redux

Charles P Pierce was struck (as I was) by the betrayal by Jared Kushner of Junior over the infamous meeting.
There's so much ducking and dodging and weaving and blame-shifting in that one section [of Kushner's written testimony] that you can see how young Jared became so favored within the Trump inner circle. The ability to cram such sheer connivance into every sentence must have been what first attracted Trump to his son-in-law. I suspect that the president* is secretly chuckling at how deftly Kushner sold out the president*'s own flesh and blood. In fact, I suspect Pops positively reveled in what Kushner did. Suck it up, Junior. Deal or die. Being a Trump spalpeen must be like being born into a family of Sand Tiger Sharks, where you have to cannibalize your siblings in order to survive.


It remains all about the money, and the symbiosis between the needs of the Trump ego and the alleged desire of Russian gangstercrats to clean money, a symbiosis that has succeeded beyond everyone's wildest dreams.

  Charles P Pierce
...but hey, do what you want...you will anyway.

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