Thursday, July 27, 2017

Anybody Want an Ambassadorship?

It will interest you to know that, at the moment, the United States has no ambassador to South Korea. Other marginally important nations in which the country has no official representative include Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela. But, as of Wednesday night, we have a nominee to be the ambassador to an unknown land called Religious Freedom. [ed: Sam Brownback of Kansas]


As soon as his own Republican-dominated state legislature scattered Brownback's disastrous tax policy to the prairie winds last month, you knew this gospel-slinging gossoon was looking around desperately for a getaway car in which he could flee the ruin he had made of every aspect of his state's government and its economy.


And given Brownback's history as a radically conservative Catholic, one of those Crisis/First Things types who look with great envy at how Pat Robertson does business and who long for the days when a pope could terrify people at a distance, I suspect that easing the pain of the prejudice that might be afflicting, say, Muslims in Europe is not going to be at the top of [his] agenda.


I suspect this, along with the bizarre presidential* announcement about transgender troops on Wednesday morning, is one of the opening shots in the 2018 midterm elections, which apparently are going to be conducted according to 1998 rules, and which I already hate with a considerable passion.


[H]ow is this even a thing? Are we going to have Ambassadors to all First Amendment freedoms? Because I'd really like to be Ambassador At Large For Press Freedom.

  Charles P Pierce

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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