Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What a Marooon

Do read this entire Newsweek article by Trump's biographer (whom Trump sued and lost), but here's a particularly bizarre account of how the tRump assesses his net worth:
Trump’s own accountant noted during depositions that he had a loose grasp on all of Donald’s debts, and Donald—well, Donald seemed to have a loose grasp on everything else.

“Now, Mr. Trump, have you always been completely truthful in your public statements about your net worth of properties?” my lawyer asked during the deposition.

“I try,” said Donald.

“Have you ever not been truthful?”

“My net worth fluctuates, and it goes up and down with markets and with attitudes and with feelings, even my own feelings, but I try.”

“Let me just understand that a little bit,” my lawyer said. “Let’s talk about net worth for a second. You said that the net worth goes up and down based upon your own feelings?”

“Yes, even my own feelings, as to where the world is, where the world is going, and that can change rapidly from day to day. Then you have a September 11th, and you don’t feel so good about yourself and you don’t feel so good about the world and you don’t feel so good about New York City. Then you have a year later, and the city is as hot as a pistol. Even months after that it was a different feeling. So yeah, even my own feelings affect my value to myself.”

“When you publicly state what you’re worth, what do you base that number on?”

“I would say it’s my general attitude at the time that the question may be asked,” Donald responded. “And as I say, it varies.”

Yep, it varies. When Donald announced his presidential run in the summer of 2015, he waved around a document claiming his fortune topped $8.7 billion. And when he formally filed campaign papers with the Federal Election Commission about a month after that, his net worth had soared another $1.3 billion to $10 billion—about $8.2 billion more than Deutsche Bank said he was worth a decade earlier (a decade that included the most severe financial and real estate crisis since the Great Depression).

He thinks his net worth is whatever HE feels like it is?! Does he know what "net worth" means?

...but hey, do what you want...you will anyway.

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