Friday, June 16, 2017

The New York Times Analyzes Trump Tweet

Earlier I was puzzled by this tweet.

As the NYT lays it out, it makes sense.  I had already moved to the obstruction of justice investigation that Trump recently complained about.  When he jumped back to the Russia investigation, I didn't follow.  He's a hard man for a logical mind to follow.
Mr. Trump’s apparent reference to Mr. Rosenstein, who oversees the Russia investigation because Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from it, came just hours after an oddly worded statement from Mr. Rosenstein complaining about leaks in the case.

Well, the next day.  And Trump doesn't mention that it was he who ordered Rosenstein to tell him to fire Comey.  So the tweet more truthfully would have said, "I'm being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man I told to tell me to fire the FBI Director!"  Small detail.   He might have added, "I didn't tell him to then investigate me!"

Nor that he admitted to Lester Holt on TV almost immediately that he had already made up his mind to fire Comey because of "the Russia thing."
Faced with a Russia investigation that appears to be broadening, Mr. Trump appears eager to use Twitter to undermine the credibility of the inquiry and to convince his supporters that they do not need to worry.
Can that possibly be working? Besides, there's the rest of the country.

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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