Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It Was Inevitable

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer will step back from giving reporters the daily press briefing and is searching for his replacement at the podium.

"We have sought input from many people as we look to expand our communications operation. As he did in the beginning, Sean Spicer is managing both the communications and press office," White House officials said in a statement Monday.

Spicer will continue to fill the duties of the communications director – a post that has been empty since the end of May after the resignation of Mike Dubke.

The White House has reportedly not yet settled on a title for Spicer's new role.

  US News
He just wasn't cut out for the job. Maybe he can go back to being the Easter Bunny.

The article says Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she doesn't want the job.
The White House has not held an on-camera briefing since June 12.
Hundreds of unfilled government posts, many of them at State, and no press secretary or briefings. Deoncstruction of the American democratic government and processes continues apace.

...but hey, do what you want...you will anyway.


Jean said...

Which Fox News person will be his replacement?

m said...

"Kimberly Guilfoyle, a co-host of Fox News' "The Five," last month said she had conversations with the Trump administration about taking over the role, but apparently has not been formally interviewed."