Thursday, June 29, 2017

House Intel Committee: Get Me Roger Stone

Longtime Donald Trump associate Roger Stone is set to appear July 24 before the House Intelligence Committee, which is examining contacts between Russia and the Trump presidential campaign, according to Stone’s attorney.

The hearing will be closed.


In an email, Stone told POLITICO he wanted to testify specifically to counter Podesta.

“With John Podesta appearing before the committee I do feel it is essential that I have the opportunity to rebut his serial lies,” Stone said in an email. “I may not be able to sue a member of Congress but I sure as hell can sue the f--- out of Podesta. The claim that I had knowledge of the hacking of his email by WikiLeaks in advance is a demonstrable lie.”

Those Trump folks are always eager to sue somebody.
Stone, a Republican operative and one of the youngest members of Richard Nixon’s infamous 1972 reelection campaign, [...] talked in March about being in touch with “Guccifer 2.0” — the hacker persona that U.S. intelligence officials say is a Russian front for channeling stolen documents but who Stone insists is not a Moscow asset — and boasted during the campaign about his contact with WikiLeaks.

Stone predicted last summer on Twitter that there would be an October surprise that would disrupt Clinton’s campaign, and he even suggested Podesta would face scandal shortly before the Democrat’s emails started surfacing on WikiLeaks.
Which doesn't mean he knew about the hacking in advance. It just means he's super psychic.

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