Friday, June 9, 2017

American Conservatives, Pay Attention

Several MPs said they believed it was May’s manifesto mistakes that allowed them to capitalise so effectively. Those errors, such as the cut to free school meals, support for the reinstatement of fox hunting and the dementia tax, immediately gave Labour MPs readymade attack lines.


Toby Perkins, [Labor] MP for Chesterfield, [...] cited fox hunting as a particular error. “People started thinking, if she gets a landslide what won’t she do?


“Older voters realised the Tories were going to come after their house. It was such a non-Tory thing to do and we had something to say to everyone, especially older voters who were braced to vote Tory for their first time in their lives. The dementia tax brought them all straight back to us.”

Cut school meals while reinstating fox hunting?  How out of touch can you be? And when all Trump's policies are in effect, I imagine the people will turn on him, as well.

You wonder what in hell the dementia tax is, don't you? I did.
The Tory manifesto unveiled in May contained a surprising pledge to shake up the way care for the elderly is funded.

Currently those in residential care have to pay for it themselves if they have assets above £23,250.

People can defer payment until after they die, meaning they do not have to sell their house while they are still alive or while a surviving partner lives in it.

For the first time, this rule will now also apply to so-called domiciliary care – care at home – if the Tories win the election.

It means those receiving home care will have to pay towards it and the value of their home will be included in their assets, which can be clawed back by councils.


Those who receive state-funded care at home will be worse off if they have assets of more than £100,000 – such as if they own their home.

Traditional Tory supporters say it is an attack on middle-class OAPs who want their children to inherit their property.


Lib Dem leader Tim Farron said it was a “callous blow for people who have dementia and other long-term conditions, like multiple sclerosis and motor neurone disease, and of course their families.


And Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn branded it a “tax on dementia” given those who need long-term care could now run up mammoth bills.

He accused the Conservatives of “forcing those who need social care to pay for it with their homes.”

  UK Sun
...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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