Friday, May 5, 2017

No Safe Space

The White House’s second pick to become secretary of the Army withdrew his nomination for that post on Friday.

“Tragically, my life of public service and my Christian beliefs have been mischaracterized and attacked by a few on the other side of the aisle for political gain,” Mark Green said in a statement.

The old faithful persecuted victim whine of the fundamentalist Christian.
Green ran into fierce opposition for his open slurs against Muslims and LGBT people.

Trump’s previous nominee to lead the Army, businessman and investor Vincent Viola, withdrew his name from consideration for the post on Feb. 4 following his difficulty separating himself from his businesses. Trump’s previous nominee for Navy secretary, Philip Bilden, also withdrew his name over financial conflicts weeks later, despite White House assertions that he would not.


On Monday, CNN surfaced a lecture Green gave in 2015, in which he said the theory of evolution violated the second law of thermodynamics and compared billions of years of evolution to leaving a lawnmower outdoors.

“If you put a lawn mower out in your yard and a hundred years come back, it’s rusted and falling apart,” he said. “You can’t put parts out there and a hundred years later it’s gonna come back together. That is a violation of a law of thermodynamics. A physical law that exists in the universe.”
Huh, what?

I don't get it.  But, hey, get a load of this guy 's  reason why he opposes universal health care. You'll be shaking your head in amazement, too.

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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