Friday, May 26, 2017

He Must Be Exhausted

Let's take these in the order they were tweeted.

"Just arrived in Taormina"

(With FLOTUS Melania - He always adds her name when he mentions FLOTUS. Either as a memory aid or as a distinction from FLOTUS Ivanka - I don't know which.)

That was, as you can see, 13 hours ago.

Why Taormina?
Despite the town’s temporary transformation into a police state in paradise for the Group of 7 summit meeting attended by Mr. Trump and other world leaders, Taormina’s postcard panoramas, its exaggerated Epcot Italian-ness and its reputation as the sun-drenched pleasure dome for reality TV stars, aging playboys and affluent Russians remain intact.

"Aging playboys and affluent Rissans."
It is a spot that is both exclusive and a little hokey, where those with jet-setter schedules, gilded tastes and an appreciation for luxury, models and discretion come together.
"Luxury, models, and discretion."
[Dino Papale, a 69-year-old Sicilian lawyer] was quoted at length in the local paper, La Sicilia, [just days after the November election] recounting that Mr. Trump had visited Taormina at his invitation in June 2013 and secretly stayed for three days at the Atlantis Bay Hotel.

In an interview in his rose-scented courtyard filled with Greek, Roman and Bronze Age sculptures, Mr. Papale insisted that “Trump was never here,” blaming the paper for inventing the story.

But at other points he was less definitive, saying: “It could be that it happened, because everything can be true, right? I don’t remember”; “If a friend says, ‘I’m coming to Taormina but no one can know,’ what do you do?”; and, most mischievously, “Taormina is a very discreet place” where “Americans and Russians often meet.”
Dino will be getting a visit from some American alphabet types, if he hasn't already seen them.

Here's Dino in his palazzo in Taormino:

"Just arrived in Italy" - 1 hour ago.

I'm not sure he knows where he is.  Did he take a little jaunt from Taormino (Siciliy) into Italy?  He says he "just arrived".  The G7 summit is being held in Taormino.  His tweet labels Taormina in Italy:

If we're including Sicily in Italy, then his second tweet makes even less sense.

Perhaps he's just exhausted.*

"We saved the USA many billions of dollars and millions of jobs." The biggest and the best. It may be a lie, but the numbers are the biggest. Millions of jobs. Billions of dollars. Funny, I haven't seen any information on either of those things. They must be secret.

"Gettin ready to engage G7 leaders"

Unfortunately, he already "engaged" them in Brussels at the NATO meeting, and it didn't sit well. Japan is the only country not represented in NATO, and we've seen how he "engaged" with Japan's PM.


He doesn't mention that climate change, refugees and free trade are on the agenda.

Can't wait to see the tweets when he gets back home.

*After a major faux pas in a speech on the third day of his trip in Saudi Arabia, his spokesfolks said it was because he was "just an exhausted guy."

Remember these moments of the campaign...

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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