Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Another White House Casualty

White House Communications Director Mike Dubke is out, CBS News has confirmed.


The most recent staff shakeup was anticipated before Mr. Trump left for his overseas trip as the administration fell under a series of missteps including reports that Mr. Trump had divulged classified information to Russian officials at a White House meeting.


The communications director oversees the White House messaging and promotes its agenda.


Dubke was originally brought in to be communications director when White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked to focus on the briefing job and drop the time-consuming obligations of the job.

If the president weren't such a "loser", it wouldn't take a full time person to handle briefing.
Dubke has no attachment to Mr. Trump and has always been something of an outsider. He's not a Trump loyalist and did not work for the campaign. The White House has also not provided a name of who will be replacing Dubke's role.
Spicer is expected to lead the daily briefing later Tuesday afternoon where he is likely to face questions into Dubke's departure.
It's still not afternoon yet. There's still time for Trump to dump him.  But if he did, where would Trump find someone as eager to be his doormat?
Senior White House officials confirmed to the Guardian that Dubke handed in his resignation on 18 May, before Donald Trump left for his first overseas trip, a rocky nine-day tour through the Middle East and Europe that left key allies shaken.


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