Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Is It About Trump and Pee?

Rohan Beyts, a [retired social worker,] hillwalker and environmental activist, has lost her legal action for breach of privacy against Donald Trump’s golf resort in Aberdeenshire.

Sheriff Donald Corke ruled that the US president’s staff at the resort had not unfairly taken photographs of Beyts without her knowledge while she was urinating near his golf course on a walk there in April 2016.

Beyts, a retired social worker, sued Trump International Golf Course Scotland (TIGCS) for £3,000 in the small claims court in Edinburgh after she was charged by police with public nuisance following a complaint from the company.


She had a legal right to walk there under Scotland’s right-to-roam legislation, and had observed the Scottish countryside access code, which allows walkers to urinate discreetly.


Trump’s employees had taken photographs on their mobile phones of her urinating, without her permission, and used some images as evidence for their complaint to police.


Trump staff had been told to “keep an eye” on Beyts and her companion, Sue Edwards. Both women are active campaigners against the Trump development.


Paul Motion, the lawyer for TIGCS, told the court on Tuesday the course’s employees were legally entitled to take photographs if they believed someone was committing an offence.


“It was reasonable, proportionate and fair under the circumstances for [Trump Organization] employees to consider a crime was being committed and to take a photograph of that act,” he said.


[The sheriff] accused the Trump Organization of making a “frivolous” complaint about Beyts urinating in the dunes: she had done so legally, under Scotland’s right to roam laws.

He awarded costs of £300 – the top limit under Scotland’s small claims court rules – to TIGCS.

I just don't get it. She wasn't even on the property.  "Frivolous" isn't the only thing to say about the Trump golf course complaint.

Unless the sheriff is getting a cut from Trump. And what's a sheriff doing adjudicating a case anyway?

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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