Monday, March 13, 2017

Crazy Blond Aryans on the Rise

United States President - Donald Trump

British Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs - Boris Johnson

Netherlands Prime Minister Challenger, leader of Party for Freedom - Geert Wilders

French Presidential Candidate, leader of the French National Front - Marine Le Pen

The ultra right is on the rise all across Europe and the US.

Except - what's happening in Italy?  The economy has been going south rapidly.  Perhaps because they haven't experienced terrorist attacks? 

According to one November 2015 report, Italy already takes an extreme approach to counter-terrorism.
Only in Italy have plotters failed to become terrorists, even though the Vatican is actually the most iconic target in Europe, and now the top target of the Islamic State, judging by its videos.


Terrorist actions cannot be anticipated and prevented -- all such efforts are simply futile because there are just too many possible targets and an infinity of possible dates. Nor can one hope to detect even imminent attacks because terrorists need not reveal themselves.

Actually there is only one thing that can be done: to follow all who are suspected to be truly dangerous 24/7 so that they can be arrested or killed no matter how suddenly they emerge to attack.

This, however, is quite impossible unless the total population of suspects -- in the hundreds at any one time in the case of Italy, even into the thousands sometimes -- is drastically reduced to enable the allocation of enough security personnel. Figure at least four for each truly dangerous suspect as well as teams of two dozen or more for each possible plot.


The French complain that they have too many suspects, that they cannot keep track of thousands of potential terrorists. The Belgians say the same of their hundreds of suspects. But it is their fault. They have refused to use either the Italian or U.S. method to reduce the number of suspects one by one, one way or the other.

The Italians by contrast take action the moment the very first indication comes in. This is sometimes a phone or e-mail intercept, and sometimes a tip-off from an agent (Italy invests modestly but steadily in the foreigners it recruits). But more often it is a friend who reports someone for speaking of jihad, for swearing that he will kill for Hamas, join the Islamic State or do something else.until it is too late.

  Asian Review
The author of this report, which is sparse on details, has been a consultant to the US Secretary of Defense, National Security Council, State Department and US military. What I'm wondering is, if this is actually true, why is there not a showing of right-wing party strength in Italy?

Perhaps hyper vigilance toward immigrants is not restricted to the right wing.

Maybe there are no blonds in Italy.  (Do I need a sarcasm or joke font?)

And Spain.  What about Spain?  They've been attacked enough.  And there are plenty of blonds in Spain.

I don't know what to make of all this.

And probably, I shouldn't have even started a post about blond Aryans.  I'll be on the "fake news" list.

It just struck me as an interesting theme.  Like the theme of right-wing pasty white (or pink), chubby, soft-looking WASP men during the Bush years.  Think about it:  Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Roger Ailes.

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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