Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Where Congressional Abdication Leads

Along the road to executive as dictator that we have been marching, we have come to the point where one man can decide the right of anyone anywhere to live or die. A kill list and a refusal to allow entry to whole nationalities.

But oh, we will be sooooo much safer.

And once that wall is built, why NOBODY bad will ever get into this country again!

Make America Great Grate Again

UPDATE: And...why not Afghanistan?  Did the reporter leave them off the list, or are they really off the list?  I can't find any confirmation of this, so hold on.

If you really don't want anyone from Mexico getting across the border, wouldn't it make more sense to provide jobs for a wall of humans on the border? I mean, what about the tunnels? How's a wall going to stop that?  Boats ... how's the wall going to stop that?

Fucking idiots.


And isn't it interesting that none of the countries involved in the 9/11 terror strike are on this list?

...but hey, do what you will anyway.



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