Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Making a Stink with Alternative Facts

If anything is more of a straw man than extreme danager from immigrants, it's voter fraud by people intending to vote twice or otherwise illegally.  It's not a problem, and data show that.  Oh, wait, we don't believe in science anymore.

The only thing this type of shit does is make it harder for poor and brown people to vote.  Oh, wait, that's the whole goal.

UPDATE: Just because you're registered to vote in two states doesn't mean you actually vote in two states, as lots of people who move don't cancel their voter registration in the original state. It will eventually be dropped, I suppose. But shouldn't the Inflatable Rooster take care of his own house first?
A senior White House adviser to Donald Trump is registered to vote in two different states, a practice that the US president wrongly claimed amounted to electoral fraud on Wednesday as he called for an inquiry.

Stephen Bannon registered to vote in New York shortly before the presidential election last year, after the Guardian disclosed that he was registered to vote at a vacant house in Florida where his ex-wife had once lived.


His [Florida] registration lists as his address the home of Andy Badolato, a friend of Bannon’s.


His registration in Florida was moved to Badolato’s home shortly after the publication of the Guardian report in August.

Oh really? That does indeed sound like an intention to defraud.

...but hey, do what you will anyway.

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